Saturday, January 26, 2008


I just got some Dylan and Cash studio outtakes from 1969 in Nashville

"Another unpleasant experience for Bob and me both was when the tape of the sessions he and I did together got out and was bootlegged all over Europe.
We did 16 or 17 songs, but we were just in there having fun. It was like what they call the Million Dollar Quartet, when I was singing with Elvis and Carl [Perkins] and Jerry Lee [Lewis].
The songs had no starting place and no stopping; we'd get into them and everyone would join in.
Bob and I did "Careless Love," whatever we might know the words to.... There's a song or two that's good enough to put out, but there's not an album there..."

01 One Too Many Mornings #2
02 Good Old Mountain Dew
03 I Still Miss Someone
04 Careless Love
05 Matchbox Written
06 That's Alright Mama
07 Big River Written
08 Girl Of The North Country
09 I Walk The Line
10 You Are My Sunshine
11 Ring Of Fire
12 Guess Things Happen That Way
13 Just A Closer Walk With Thee
14 Blues Yodel # 1
15 Blues Yodel # 5
16 I Threw It All Away
17 Livin' The Blues
18 Girl Of The North Country
19 Nashville Skyline Rag
20 I Threw It All Away
21 Peggy Day
22 Country Pie
23 Tonight, I'll Be Staying Here With You

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